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A new concept in dining at home for the elderly

Our delicious 2 course meals prepared daily by our team using fresh and wherever possible locally sourced produce. They are served plated up and delivered fresh and piping hot directly to your door. 

For those unable to travel, cook or indeed even worry about daily meals, we take away all those concerns and at the sometime provide the re-assurance of regular and healthy dietary provision.

Our meals not only look and taste fantastic, but we pride ourselves on ensuring they are healthy too. We use the freshest ingredients wherever possible to ensure all our customers receive a well balanced diet and access to essential daily nutrients.
We offer a 28 day rotating menu, meaning that we will deliver a different delicious meal each day for a whole month.

Please let us know if you have any particular likes, dislikes or dietary requirements, as we are ALWAYS happy to offer you an alternative when our daily menu is not suitable.

Example 28 Day Rotating Menu:

Week 1:
£5.40 per day per 2 course meal (no additional delivery charge). 

These services are provided in postcodes IP1, IP2, IP3 & IP4 

(Weekly Delivery - Fridays / Saturdays)

For those that would prefer a weekly delivery, we also offer our meals frozen.
To maintain the freshness, the meals are immediately frozen and packaged then delivered directly to your door at a time convenient to you.
With a variety of 14 different dishes to choose from we feel we have created a menu that will cater for all tastes whilst never sacrificing the quality that we pride ourselves upon delivering fresh time after time.
Simply defrost your meal and and pop in the microwave for a few minutes for a fresh wholesome meal each day.
Meals will stay fresh in a freezer for 1 month
Choice of frozen meals
  • Roast pork, roast potatos & vegetables
  • Roast beef, yorkshire pud, roast potatoes & vegetable
  • Roast chicekn, stuffing, roast potatoes & vegetables
  • Mixed vegtable pie, beans and potatoes  
  • Steak pie in shortcrust pastry, potato wedges & vegetables
  • Sliced gammon ham, carrots and mash  
  • Turkey steak in breadcrumbs, potato wedges & vegetables 
  • Cumberland sausages and mash & vegetables
  • Braised beef in red wine and roasted vegetables
  • Shepherds pie with cheesey top mash topping & vegetables
  • Poached cod, parsley sauce, croquette potatoes & vegetables
  • Curried beef meatballs with vegetable rice
  • Cheese & tomato omelette, croquette potaoes and beans
  • ALL DAY BREAKFAST ,sausage, bacon, tomato, beans, omelette & hash browns
£3.40 per meal,   £30.00 per 10 meals,   £58.00 per 20 meals

These services are provided in the Ipswich area (within 15 mile radius)

  • Vegetarian, diabetic, allergy and religious preferences catered for.
  • Our deliveries of freshly cooked and prepared foods are made in HACCP approved containers with strict temperature cooking time and controls monitored recorded and adhered to.
  • Weekly payment by Standing Order (direct payment), cash or cheque.

For more details on Audreys catering services please either:
Call us on: 01473 604521 Or email:

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